Nonprofit distributes over $4 million worth of food for Jewish holidays

The Met Council, the largest Jewish charity in the country, brought in volunteers to distribute food packages ahead of the Jewish holiday season.  
As holidays like Rosh Hashanah are right around the corner, the nonprofit is hoping to feed 200,000 families in need, as their plan is to distribute upwards of $4 million in food.  
Organizers say they’re boosting their efforts to give back this year with the addition of over 120 distribution sites. 
“Sometimes people say things like ‘I’m choosing between buying my child new shoes for school or the new backpack’, and we really just believe that that is our responsibility… to be there for one another,” said Jessica Chait, member of the Met Council.  
This year, amid record-setting inflation and lingering impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, they say the food program has run into some hurdles.  
"Because all of our food is Kosher, and we don't get that much in donated product we have to go to the market,” said Chait. “Supply chain continues to impact us. Nonetheless we persevere and are so grateful that we can deliver for our clients."