Nonprofit group provides help, resources to transgender, non-conforming community

News 12 is highlighting the work of Black Trans Nation, an organization helping to provide resources to the transgender, non-conforming community.
The nonprofit group was founded in 2020 by TS Candii to help current and former sex workers who were struggling to find support when the pandemic hit. Providing resources is just one of the main goals for the Black Trans Nation. Housing and job support, health and wellness and a social network are among them.
Candii says she also started the group to fight for the rights of the transgender non-conforming community. She rallied to strike down the “Walking While Trans” law that was successfully repealed in February of last year.
While their core mission is to advocate for the lives of Black trans people, Derek Mikell says it's morphed into a full blown political, social and economic movement.
"To destigmatize the community, to decriminalize the community and to decarcerate the community," Mikell says.
They say they welcome people from all walks of life in the trans community to join as well as those who advocate for them.
They say they're working now to make the permanent home of Black Trans Nation at 2556 Bainbridge Ave., a former Bronx library building.