NY-based brand aims to instill pride in LGBTQ community year-round

Gay pride month may be in June, but one New York-based brand is aiming to instill pride in the LGBTQ community all year-round.
In 2019, childhood friends-turned-couple, Sergio Aragon and Jesus Guiterrez, began to notice a trend during pride month.
"Just seeing how the environment in New York City was...June comes up, everyone plasters rainbows all over their windows, pride this, pride that. And then after June, July 1 comes, everything is taken off," sasy Aragon.
The origins of Pride Month spans back to 1969's Stonewall riots in Greenwich Village but in 2000, President Bill Clinton became the first president to officially declare it.
Aragon and Gutierrez say that they saw a need for something that went beyond one month of rainbow flags and parades.
They created the clothing brand Gay Pride Apparel, featuring everything from phone cases to face masks - and a digital platform with over 40,000 Instagram followers from around the world.
"There's these small towns where people are trying to find themselves and trying to figure it out, how do we extend this month celebration to those communities and make it a yearlong thing?" says Guiterrez.
The pair hopes that their brand can act as a safe space for those who might not have one.v