NY Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker recommends state resumes J&J vaccinations

New York Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker released a statement saying he recommends New York resume Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccinations.
U.S. health officials lifted the 11-day pause on the Johnson & Johnson vaccines on Friday following a recommendation by an expert panel.
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Officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the rare risk of blood clots.
Health Commissioner Dr. Zucker said, " Following discussions with New York State's Clinical Advisory Task Force and Gov. Cuomo, I recommend that New York State accept the federal recommendations and resume Johnson & Johnson vaccinations effective immediately."
He added, "We encourage all New Yorkers to get whichever vaccine is available to them, as quickly as possible, so we can finally defeat this virus and continue our path towards fully reopening our communities and economy.”