NY Legislature passes bill that would add abortion rights to state constitution

New York Legislature concluded their special session Friday night with the passing of the Equal Rights Amendment.
The bill would make it a constitutional right for a woman to have an abortion and for people to have access to contraception.
Gov. Kathy Hochul praised the lawmakers after convening a special session of the Legislature following several major opinions that came down from the United States Supreme Court.
Constitution law professor Bennett Gershman Pace University said by making abortion a constitutional right, it makes it much more difficult for it to be challenged in the courts as opposed to laws that already permit it.
“It is absolutely immune from any attack... because states have the right to do this. They’re allowed to pass as many protective laws as voters want. That’s state sovereignty,” Gershman said.
“It’s a woman’s choice. It’s our bodies and if they don’t want to have a baby, then they don’t have the baby,” said Belle Figueroa, of Brooklyn.
The next and last step is up to the voters in November when they will have the final decision at the ballot box on whether to accept what the legislature passed as an amendment to the state constitution.