NY Post: New bill would require day care workers to call parents of absent kids

City Council introduced a bill Tuesday that would help stop hot car deaths of children and day care owners are weighing in.
A New York Post exclusive report says that the bill, which was introduced by Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, would target hot car deaths by making day care centers call parents of absent kids.
The bill comes after the death of 1-year-old twins who were accidentally left in a hot car in the Bronx by their father, Juan Rodriguez.
Currently, all city-based child care centers must contact guardians within an hour after a child fails to show up, unless the provider was notified.
The new bill reportedly adds a layer of protection, requiring the day care centers to call again if they do not hear back from the guardians, to reach out to two new emergency contacts and make at least three attempts to contact them.
The owner of Eleanor's Rainbow Day Care, Oijilia Pamo, who owns three day care centers, says she thinks the bill is a good idea. She says she already calls parents right away when a child doesn't show up and if a child is out for three days, she is required by the Board of Health to have the parents bring a note as to why they were out.