NYC mayor meets with Department of Small Business Services on plans to grow cannabis industry

Mayor Eric Adams met with the city’s Department of Small Business Services to discuss plans to grow the cannabis industry in New York City and the launch of Cannabis NYC.
The new program will act as a service to help support equitable growth of the new industry in the city. Cannabis NYC will support cannabis industry stakeholders and small business entrepreneurs to create new jobs and grow their businesses. 
The program is set to help those entering the industry receive their license and access the different small business services available while addressing the harms of cannabis prohibition.  
Adams emphasized that priority will be given to people who have been arrested in the past for possession of marijuana.  
“You could be a young man who is jail for drug possession or mother who needs work and the second job or wants to start her own business,” said Mayor Adams. “Cannabis NYC is here to help you, and we are going to get the message out there loudly and clearly.” 
Applications for a cannabis license open this Thursday. Officials say the new industry is expected to generate $1.3 billion in sales by next year and create up to 24,000 new jobs over the next three years.