NYCHA tenants, officials rally for more senior housing options

NYCHA tenants, elected officials and other community members rallied outside a senior housing facility in Bushwick Thursday to demand more housing options for seniors.
Councilman Antonio Reynoso and others called on the mayor to turn unused NYCHA lots into senior housing.
"We can spend $1.1 billion to give money to hotels to house people. We can spend half of that to actually build housing that we can move people into," said Reynoso.
The protesters plan to continue their fight with the hope that the mayor will jump on board with City Council's proposals allocating money for repairs and new affordable apartments by the June 30 budget deadline.
While NYCHA officials have not commented on the need for more senior housing or a proposal for NYCHA lots, a spokesperson told News 12 that they welcome NYCHA tours for people to better understand the realities of their financial struggles.
Go HERE to watch an interview and extended footage from the rally.