NYC's first migrant center in Manhattan opens its doors

The first migrant relief center in New York City opens today at Randall's Island in Manhattan.
Mayor Eric Adams has said at least 18,000 migrants have arrived in the city over the last few months.
For the first time, a center will be waiting to welcome them. A recreation room, a laundry room and a dining area are included at the center.
The center cost more than $600,000, including to take down, move and build the center from its original location at Orchard Beach in the Bronx to Randall's Island. It will be for men only, but a second location at the Row Hotel in Times Square will be taking in families.
The center can house almost 900 beds. To avoid overcrowding, the city will house 500 single men in every other bed between two to four days.
The mayor’s plan for this has faced pushback, including from residents in the Bronx who didn't want it at Orchard Beach and elected officials who felt the tents were inhumane. Another concern some people had with the outdoor housing is the incoming colder weather, but the mayor has emphasized that tents are supposed to be temperature-controlled.
Ariana Phillips and Yajaira Saavedra are among those who’ve criticized the project. The pair belong to the South Bronx Mutual Aid, an organization that provides food, shelter and help to residents in need.
"There are other ways to do this. This is a band-aid on a chest wound that's going to kill people. This is designed exactly like the migrant detention centers in Texas,” said Phillips.