NYC’s largest food rescue organization moves to Brooklyn

City Harvest, the first and largest food rescue organization in New York City, is now moving their headquarters to Sunset Park. 
The nonprofit recently opened a 150,000-square-foot warehouse in the borough, and the new center aims to unite all of City Harvest’s operations under one roof, with the goal of tackling food insecurity.  
City Harvest staff say food pantries and soup kitchens are seeing a 70% increase in visits compared to before the pandemic. They say this new space will allow them to distribute double the food across the city.  
“New Yorkers are feeling pinched,” said Jilly Stephens, CEO of City Harvest. “Many of them are still struggling, even though we’d like to think the pandemic is largely behind us. Food is viewed as an elastic expense so they can decide not to go to the grocery store and com to a food pantry instead, so that's driving numbers of visits up." 
Right now, staff are filling the warehouse shelves with fresh produce and canned goods as City Harvest’s goal is to rescue and deliver 75 million pounds of food in 2023.