NYC's oldest and largest all-women motorcycle club strives for impact in their community

News 12 is continuing to celebrate Pride Month, and we're highlighting the oldest and largest women's motorcycle club in New York City, the Sirens.
The Sirens will once again lead the way in this year's New York City Pride March. With the exception of the pandemic, the Sirens Women's Motorcycle Club of NYC has been kicking off the city's Pride March and its festivals since 1986.
The all-women's motorcycle club has also led several other LGBTQ+ parades in Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island and in New Jersey. Club members say this year's pride march is especially important considering the current climate.
The Sirens is the oldest and largest women's motorcycle club in the city with members in all five boroughs including Westchester County, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
They say a love of riding and a bond of sisterhood keeps membership strong. Besides being advocates within the LGBTQ+ community, the club also prides on safety as well as community service.
During the summer, the motorcycle club says it hits the open road at least twice on a month and they welcome women riders of all levels.