NYPD arrests woman in connection to body found in Flatbush refrigerator

Police have arrested a woman in connection to a man's body found stuffed inside a refrigerator in a Flatbush apartment.
Police say Heather Stines was charged with concealment of a human corpse, but they have yet to charge anyone with killing the man.
The arrest comes after officers say they discovered the body inside of the fridge in Stines' apartment Monday night following a wellness check.
Court records say they found a man's head and limbs inside of black bags in her kitchen fridge.
Stines was initially taken into custody on an unrelated warrant. Neighbors tell News 12 she lived in the apartment with her husband and that the unit was known for illicit activity.
Police say Stines has been arrested four previous times for petit larceny and bail jumping.
The victim has been identified as Kawsheen Gelzer. Neighbors say they knew him and knew he was missing.
Stines pleaded not guilty to hiding the body.