NYPD: Body discovered in fridge inside Flatbush apartment building

Police say a body was found in a refrigerator inside an apartment building in Flatbush. A resident of the unit is in custody on an unrelated charge.
The NYPD says they visited the apartment at 2069 Nostrand Ave. to conduct a wellness check Monday night. When they arrived, they found a man's body stuffed inside the fridge.
"That's disturbing. That's something I'm expecting to see in a documentary or a horror film. Not around the corner from my house," said Nydia Gonzalez, who lives nearby.
Tenants of the building say a woman lived in the unit with her boyfriend. They say the apartment was known for illicit activity.
"The apartment was a wreck. It was a mess," said Eric Meres, a tenant.
Officers could not release the identity of the victim or provide any information on what they believe happened. It also remains to be seen just how long the body was there.
The medical examiner is now working to determine exactly how the man died.
Police say no one has been charged in relation to the case.