NYPD asks public for help in probe of 2 newborns found dead in Claremont

The search continues for leads into the investigation of two newborn babies who were found dead behind a building in Claremont.
It's been almost two weeks since the babies were found, but police say they still don't have much information about what happened. They say they don't even know where the mother of the two boys is. So now the NYPD is now pleading for anyone who might know something to come forward.
According to investigators, the two baby boys were found behind a building at 1460 College Ave. on Nov. 9.
Since then, detectives have been combing the scene, interviewing neighbors as they try to solve the case.
The homicide department even created a special task force to focus on this incident.
The NYPD says it won't stop investigating until it knows what happened.
"I think there's a big burden on Officer [Shamika] Thomas and myself not only to answer some of the questions that everybody has out there, but we're concerned for the safety of the mother and to speak for the children at this point, using their words, and hopefully avoiding this from happening to another person," said Detective Brianna Constantino, who is investigating the case with Thomas.
The NYPD is asking anyone with information on the case to give them a call.