NYPD, DOT, DMV promote safety after alarming motorcyclist deaths reported across the city

The NYPD, the Department of Transportation and the Department of Motor Vehicles came together Thursday to discuss safety after an alarming number of motorcyclists were killed in the city last year. 
"It's a long road....we need to see much, much more of this," said motorcyclist Michael Whetstone. 
Last year, 51 motorcyclists were killed in the city. The NYPD says the main cause is speeding. 
"Speeding through the highways, on the highways, speeding through the streets. The other was no safety equipment. We all know if you have safety equipment it will protect you, especially if you have trauma," said NYPD Transportation Bureau Chief Kim Royster. 
Representatives of the DOT said they were listening as well.
"Not just to give them tips, but to listen to them to listen to them and also to incorporate what we hear today in our safety plan," said Kim Wiley-Schwartz from the Department of Transportation. 
News 12's Emily Lorsch details more on why riders say they are grateful for the discussion and why shedding a light on the issue is so important.