NYPD effort looks to make catalytic converters harder to steal

A car’s catalytic converter can be stolen in just minutes, and the NYPD is looking to make it harder for the thieves.
Officers added stickers with serial numbers to Staten Island residents’ converters. The service was announced a few weeks ago with nearly 200 people lining up within the first hour.
The NYPD says there has been a major uptick in these thefts over the last year and a half, with police estimating about 10 per week in the borough.
“Within the catalytic converter, there’s sort of precious metals… so bad guys are stealing them to sell those pieces to scrapyards,” says Patrol Borough Staten Island Executive Officer Terence Hurson.
When the converter heats up, the serial number on the sticker becomes permanently etched in.
The 121st Precinct will hold another serial number handout event in Queens on Saturday.