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NYPD finds millions of dollars of illegal cannabis products in Fort Greene amid ongoing citywide crackdown

This all came to light because police responded to a burglary at the warehouse then found the illegal products.

News 12 Staff

May 29, 2024, 12:56 PM

Updated 25 days ago


Police made a multimillion-dollar discovery in Fort Greene over the weekend. This comes as illegal cannabis shops and operations are being cracked down on by city law enforcement.
Investigators say they found millions of dollars-worth of illegal cannabis products in a warehouse at 63 Adelphi St., which is now shut down and padlocked. The NYPD and the sheriff's office recovered over 120 containers of edible THC products, THC-infused drinks, vapes, pre-rolls and more.
According to the mayor's office, this is the largest operation on a cannabis distributor to date.
Sources tell News 12 that 329 shops have been inspected across the five boroughs, and the mayor's office says over 200 illegal shops have been sealed.
Arana, the co-founder of The Travel Agency, a legal cannabis store, tells News 12 that the people who are buying from illegal shops are putting their safety at risk by not knowing what exactly is in the product.
The mayor's office adds that the latest law enforcement crackdown is focusing on stores that act as supplies to other locations - just like the Fort Greene warehouse that was shut down.

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