NYPD: Shootings on the decline in Bed-Stuy

The NYPD says Bed-Stuy saw a decline in shooting incidents in the month of August compared to August of last year. 
The news comes following a shooting that took place on Wednesday that left four people injured. Three of those victims are in stable condition and one is in critical condition.
But as of August 28th, between the 79th and 81st precinct, there were 18 fewer shooting incidents in 2023 compared to 2022, according to NYPD data. Groups like Neighbors in Action are now out in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood implementing Crisis Management Systems to help the community recover from the tragedy.
"How do we now triage this, you know. What are the resources we need to bring in to help the community feel safe again," said Anthony Rowe, Neighbors in Action Project Director.