NYPD: Suspect wanted for robbing 82-year-old woman in East New York

NYPD detectives are looking for the man who caused an 82-year-old woman to stumble into the sidewalk as he robbed her in East New York on Sunday morning.
They released surveilance images of the suspect with the hope that he will be apprehended.
Police say the 82-year-old woman had just walked out of a deli at the corner of Miller and New Lots avenues at around 6 a.m. after buying a few things. Officials said she paid in cash and had gotten some change.
Surveillance video shows her going through it when the suspect walks up to her and grabs both the money and her grocery bag, ripping them both away and then running off. The woman is then seen losing her balance, stumbling and eventually falling onto the sidewalk.
Detectives say while she said she was OK, they insisted that she go to the hospital to get checked out just to be safe, given her age. They say she was fine and is back at home now.
Police are asking anybody with any information about the suspect to give them a call.