NYPD: Uptick in hate crimes since day Hamas attacked Israel

The NYPD has reported an increase in hate crimes in the five boroughs since Oct. 7, when Hamas attacked Israel.  
Last week, 51 hate crimes were reported to the NYPD, with 30 of those being antisemitic. During the same stretch of days in 2022, only six hate crimes were reported.  
"The majority of the 30 crimes that we saw that were anti-Jewish, they stem from graffiti, criminal mischief, aggravated harassment. Basically, almost bordering on free speech where people are yelling back and forth on each other until it takes a weird turn,” said NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny.
Four Palestinian-related hate crimes have taken place since Oct. 9, compared to two during the same time frame last year.  
Police say despite this recent uptick, hate crime overall is down 13% compared to 2022.