Oceanside teens design poster campaign to warn about effects of marijuana on young people

The Oceanside High School Youth Council along with the Oceanside Safe Coalition worked together to design a poster campaign that shows how marijuana affects the brain in young people.
The group used federal grant money to launch the posters, which show a brain under construction. According to scientists, the human brain is not fully developed until age 25.
"This is not your grandmother's marijuana, as we say. The THC level compared to what it was years ago and the effects are so damaging on the developing brain and on the developing body," says Frances Gallin, of the Oceanside Safe Coalition.
Dani Cohen, a student at Oceanside High School, says kids at school see firsthand what it does to people's brains and it's not pretty.
The Oceanside High School PSA poster will be featured on Nassau County's NICE bus routes for the next two months.