Officials: Bystander struck by NYC police cruiser following pursuit of stolen vehicle

A police pursuit of an allegedly stolen vehicle from Yonkers ended with a person believed to be a bystander being hit by a police vehicle, police say.
According to police, the NYPD received a call from Yonkers police about an allegedly stolen 2022 Volkswagen SUV tracked to the Bronx at 5:15 p.m. Nearly 10 minutes later, an officer spots the car and attempts a stop, but the car drove off.
The stolen car was then involved in a crash at East 143rd St. and 3rd Avenue, but takes off again. No injuries were reported in that crash.
The stolen vehicle gets into another crash with a tractor-trailer along East 149th St., with the driver of the stolen car now in the hospital in critical condition.
After all that, surveillance video caught the moment a person sitting on the back of what looks like an e-bike near the corner of Brooke Avenue and 138th St. was struck by a police cruiser.
Police say they were trying to clear traffic for anyone who had been injured in the chase when this inadvertently injured someone who appeared to a bystander. The 27-year-old civilian was taken to the hospital and is expected to be OK.