Officials call for stronger measures to combat drug trafficking following vigil for 1-year-old

It's now been one month since 1-year-old Nicholas Dominici lost his life due to fentanyl exposure inside of a Kingsbridge day care. Members of the community joined his family Sunday night for a vigil calling for an end to drug trafficking.
Standing on the steps of Our Lady of Angels church, the grieving parents of the 1-year-old said the pain they feel 30 days after his death is the same as on the devastating afternoon it happened.
They’re calling for stronger measures to combat drug trafficking saying it’s needed more now than ever after some of 1 kilogram of fentanyl discovered inside El Divino Nino day on Morris Avenue was found in their son’s system along with three other small children’s. First responders revived the three others with Narcan. Sadly, Nicholas Dominici did not survive.
Investigators also found a trap floor filled with more drugs and equipment to package them inside the day care, a place intended to be a safe haven for children but instead was being used as a drug trafficking stash house.
Elected officials came out emphasizing the need to protect the community, especially children who are the most vulnerable.
The owner of the day care, her husband and his cousin are all facing murder charges as well as federal charges for Dominici's death.
The vigil also gave the family the chance to emphasize the urgent need for stronger measures to protect children.
Dominici was only one year old at the time of his death.