Officials: Officer injured at Capitol riot dies; over 20 rioters released from jail

Officials announced that an officer who was injured in the chaotic scene that unfolded at the Capitol on Wednesday has died.
They say Officer Brian Sicknick collapsed at his division office later that day and was pronounced dead at the hospital on Thursday.
He is the fifth person to die as a result of the mob that stormed the Capitol on Wednesday. More than a dozen Capitol Police officers were hurt.
Workers were seen installing the new barrier around Capitol Hill as an added safety precaution after the riot. Capitol Police say they were overwhelmed by the demonstrators, many of whom quickly turned into violent rioters.
The head of Capitol Police resigned after pressure from congressional lawmakers. The top law enforcement officers of both bodies of Congress, the sergeant at arms, also stepped down from their posts.
News 12 was told at least 23 accused rioters have been released from jail after appearing in court, many from out of state. They faced charges ranging from being out after curfew to assaulting a police officer, and they all pleaded not guilty.
Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is back on Twitter after the platform locked his account for 12 hours because they deemed his tweets to be inciting violence and spreading false information. This time the president condemned the rioters and said that those who broke the law will pay.
The president is being criticized for not sending in troops soon enough, and inciting the violence in the first place, some lawmakers now calling for him to be removed from office.