Officials warns residents about spotted lanternflies, their potential damages to trees, crops

Spotted lanternflies are back and even though they might be pretty, officials say they are highly invasive and destructive.
Officials say spotted lanternflies have a red body with black and white polka dot wings. They hop more than they can fly and are not harmful to humans. However, officials warn that they are highly damaging to crops such as walnuts, grapes, blueberries, apples and stone fruits.
Experts say lanternflies tends to lay eggs on the tree of haven. The bugs don’t necessarily kill the tree but an infestation can weaken the trees natural defense. This will make the tree more vulnerable to other pest and diseases.
While the city prohibits killing wildlife, the City Parks Department says if you spot one to kill it immediately due to the severe damage and infestation can cause.  
City Parks Department says if you see a spotted lanternflies to call 311.