Organization boycotts Flatbush bar, saying several women were assaulted there

An organization is boycotting a Flatbush bar after it says several women were assaulted there.
The organization Equality for Flatbush is hoping to get The Zombie House bar closed after it says six women were assaulted there.

The most recent alleged attack happened last month. A woman says she was approached by a man at the bar who tried to talk to her.

After walking away, she says he came over, poured a beer on her, and so she hit him. That's when she says he hit her so hard he knocked her to the ground.

She says she then asked the bar owner for the full video of the incident, but only got video of the moments leading up to the assault.

After filing a police report, she says her case was closed without the issue being resolved.

Another victim claims she was sexually assaulted by the owner last year, and now she wants him to be held accountable.
News 12 reached out to a representative with the bar who says Equality for Flatbush is spreading misinformation.

The representative says they turned over video of the alleged September attack to the 70th Precinct.  They are also denying any claims of a sexual assault incident involving the bar owner.

Boycotters say they plan to reach out to elected officials in hopes of getting the bar shut down.