Out of this world: Project created by Garden City students headed to space

A science project created by an all-girls group from the Garden City Middle School is headed to space.
The group has been working on the project for a year.
Science teachers like Christine Lebenns reworked their curriculum completely during the summer so the students could continue the project throughout the year.
"I don't think we ever expected it to be the work that it was because many, many hours went in, but it was definitely rewarding," Lebenns says.
The students spent class periods and after-school hours working on their projects.
The experiment chosen to go to space involves how microgravity affects the germination of a tomato seed.
It is one of around 20 experiments across the world chosen to be a part of the SSEP Mission 16 to the International Space Station.
"Let's be honest, kids have great ideas, kids have made experiments and ideas that have changed the world so why not tap the best source possible while giving them an experience of a lifetime," Lebenns says.
When the project goes to space, the group will analyze what comes back and compare it with the control experiment.