Over $55,000 of checks stolen from New Castle mailboxes

Over $55,000 has been fraudulently cashed in with stolen checks since Sept. 21, according to New Castle police.
Investigators say there's been six reports of checks stolen from various mailboxes throughout town.
Police say the thefts occurred from standard and tamper-proof residential mailboxes.  
They say the thieves have been looking for handwritten checks for the most part.
Officials say withdrawals were attempted of approximately $45,000 worth of checks. 
Criminals are altering the checks for large sums and cashing them in at different financial institutions.
Police say thieves are looking for signs like the red flag on the mailbox being raised, but they also want residents to know there are ways to avoid falling victim.
They recommend taking advantage of online banking services or hand-delivering letters directly to the post office.
If anyone has any information regarding these incidents or anything similar, please contact the New Castle Police Department at 914-238-4422.