Parking meter price increases take effect in Brooklyn as part of citywide change

The city's increased parking meter fees officially began in Brooklyn on Thursday.
Parking meter pricing increases are happening across the city which the Department of Transportation says will help drivers find short-term parking, as it expects it to keep more spaces open.
"By aligning meter rates with demand, we're going to make it easier for drivers to find short-term parking because there will be greater availability," the DOT said in a statement. The Department of Transportation also believes the higher rates will help reduce congestion and support the local economy. Residents over in Prospect Heights have some varying thoughts on this change.
Eight-year-old Jonah, of Prospect Heights, says he is concerned his parents will have another expense.
"Everything is already so expensive in New York it's just how it is. And like making the parking meters go up making everything more expensive I don't think it's good," he says.
Michael Davis says he is a fan of the increase. He hopes it will deter new Yorkers from driving.
"We should discourage cars. People shouldn't be using their cars," says Davis.