WEATHER TO WATCH: Storms likely Wednesday; weekend warmup ahead

Some stormy weather is ahead for New Jersey, as temperatures begin to warm over the next few days.
Storm Watch Team meteorologists say that the storms are will impact Wednesday morning’s commute, but the storms should not be severe.
WHAT’S NEW: Smoke from the wildfire in southern New Jersey is still impacting the air quality in the area, but the rain should help clear the air a bit.
WHAT’S NEXT: Some rain showers may develop, with the possibility of thunderstorms overnight. Temperatures dip to the low-60s.
WEDNESDAY: Steadier rain throughout the morning, with some rumbles of thunder. Scattered rain showers by the afternoon. Daytime highs around 72 degrees, overnight lows around 64.
THURSDAY: Rain in the morning, followed by breaks for the sun. Daytime highs around 76 degrees with overnight lows around 63.
FRIDAY: A mix of sun and clouds with daytime highs in the low-80s. Overnight lows dip to the mid-60s.
SATURDAY: Mostly sunny skies with temperatures warming to the upper-80s. Overnight lows dip to the mid- to upper-60s.
SUNDAY: Sunshine fades to cloudy skies. Rain showers develop late in the evening. Daytime highs around 88 with overnight lows around 70 degrees.