Patrick Alford still missing after 10 years, more than $250,000 offered for his safe return

It has been 10 years since Patrick Alford went missing, and his whereabouts continue to remain unknown.
Police say Alford disappeared around 9 p.m. on Jan. 22, 2010. The last place he was seen was at 130 Vandalia Ave.
Police say his foster mother, Jennifer Rodriguez, had turned her back for just a minute and next thing she knew he was gone. The NYPD's K-9s traced his scent a few blocks away near the intersection of Pennsylvania and Schroeders avenues.
News 12 also spoke with Rodriguez just days after he went missing. "I just need my son back," said Rodriguez, who was later taken into custody and accused of lying to the authorities. Rodriguez was later released.
"Patrick's out there, we just got to keep on trying," said Rodriguez when News 12 caught up with her in 2018.
Age-enhanced photo of Patrick Alford:
Rodriguez later filed lawsuits, including one against the city. News 12 is told they settled and that the money was placed into a trust account for Alford.
Some of that money was being used to help find him. As the days continue to go by, they continue to receive leads and a billboard now rests at the intersection of Pennslyvania Avenue and Linden Boulevard, and another in Puerto Rico.
The reward for Alford's safe return is more than $250,000. As of today, Alford would be 17 years old and investigators say they are not giving up hope.
In addition to the NYPD's efforts, Omni Present Investigations is also working to find Alford. On top of the $12,000 Crime Stoppers reward, it's offering a $250,000 reward for his safe return.
Police say they have no plans to stop their search to safely find Alford. 
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