Petco locations open cooling centers for pets

To help pet owners and their furry companions beat the heat, Petco locations nationwide, including the 4 in Brooklyn and 3 in the Bronx, are opening their doors as a cooling refuge. 
Pets and their owners can pop inside if their walk gets too hot, get hydrated and browse for some new food and toys. "They are very prone to overheating dehydration," said Petco employee Julia Strapko. "We provide pet parents with water bowls and they can just come in and relax and get away from that heat."
Scrappy,  a 14-year-old Shih-Tzu, came in with his owners for a quick break. 
"We keep him in the park on grass and then just make sure he's hydrated and keep him in the shade as much as possible," said his owner, Mary Johnson. 
It's also recommended to keep walks short during this type of heat and give your pooch protective gear as their paws could get burned by the hot concrete. For those with pets who stay indoors, it's best to keep the room temperatures around 78 degrees, and also make sure that they have access to fresh, clean water at all times.