Police: Man hurt in J train attack following string of stabbings on A train

The NYPD is deploying an additional 500 officers into the subway following a violent attack on the J train Saturday afternoon.
Police say they found a man with a cut to his face near Norwood Avenue and Fulton Street.
Officials say the attack started as a dispute.
A 42-year-old man was taken to Jamaica Medical Center for treatment.
A 27-year-old Brooklyn man is in custody for assault charges.
Assistant Chief of Transit Kathleen O’Reilly says the subways will look different this week.
“We also redeployed administrative assignments,” O’Reilly says. “40 officers from administrative assignments are going to be patrolling the subway platforms.”
The latest attack following four stabbings that killed two people on the A train line late Friday into Saturday.
Investigators are reviewing subway security camera footage to try to find the suspect.
Two surviving victims of those incidents are helping police identify the attacker.
There is no word on if the man arrested for the incident along the J train is related to the previous stabbings.