Police: Woman doused man with gas, threatened him with fire during robbery

A Manchester Township woman is facing charges after being accused of dousing a man with gasoline and threatening to set him on fire.
Police say Eboni Hester, 27, contacted the 18-year-old victim on Snapchat on July 28 regarding an item that he was selling. They agreed to meet at the Dollar General on Highway 37 in Manchester.
Police say that during the meeting, Hester poured a water bottle containing gasoline on the victim, held a butane torch to him and forced him to hand over sneakers, clothing, about $300 in cash and his phone.
Investigators eventually identified Hester as the suspect. She faces several charges, including robbery and aggravated assault.
Manchester police say they want to remind residents that a “Safe Exchange Zone” has been set up at the Municipal Complex where residents can complete online purchasing transactions and make child custodial exchanges for safety.