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Police: Yonkers man arrested for identity theft, accused of stealing purse and fraudulent purchases in Yorktown

Yorktown police arrested Gabriel Gil, who is accused of identity theft after allegedly stealing a purse and making over $2,500 in fraudulent purchases using a stolen credit card.

News 12 Staff and Colin Schwager

Aug 2, 2023, 9:45 PM

Updated 326 days ago


Yorktown police say a Yonkers man has been arrested on identity theft charges, following accusations of stealing a purse from a car and making over $2,500 in fraudulent purchases.
Gabriel Gil, 27, allegedly used a credit card from the stolen purse to purchase electronics from the Best Buy store at Palisades Mall. The incident came to the attention of Yorktown police.
The authorities were informed that Gil was already in the custody of county police on an unrelated charge. He was then transferred to Yorktown Police Department's headquarters.
After his initial court appearance, Gil was released with instructions to reappear in court the following day.

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