Poll: 73% of NYC adults are having a hard time affording groceries

A new poll by Change Research and No Kid Hungry says many New Yorkers are struggling to put food on the table with the rise of grocery prices.
The poll found 73% of the adults surveyed say they are having a hard time affording groceries.
Nearly 617 adults participated in the survey, and about 46% of those who participated say they were unable to afford healthier eating options. The survey adds that families with kids in public schools were the most likely to be forced to skip meals or to run out of food in the home.
The poll also stated that 67% of those who responded were living on the margin. They would also be worried about their ability to pay bills if just two weeks' income was lost due to an emergency.
All this led to an overwhelming 79% who think the city should be doing more to help families put food on the table.