‘Prevent history from repeating itself.’ Rep. Torres pushes for fire safety bill in wake of Twin Parks fire

A new bill moving through the House and Senate aims to prevent another tragedy nearly one year after the fatal fire at the Twin Parks complex in Fordham.
Rep. Ritchie Torres says Bronx residents will benefit greatly from the U.S. Fire Administration Act, as the borough has been home to some of the deadliest fires across our city.
The new bill will give the green light to the USFA to study the causes of deadly fires around the nation.
From that, the USFA must release policies and practices that will help prevent those deadly fires from happening in the future.
Torres says the recent history of the Twin Parks fire is evidence enough on why this bill is needed.
"The Bronx has been home to the three deadliest fires in New York City for the past 30 years. We know that those in the Bronx are at heightened risk of losing everything -- their lives, their families, their homes, from a catastrophic fire. It is our job in government to prevent these fires and prevent history from repeating itself,” he says.
The new bill is awaiting the president's signature and, if signed, will be taking full effect next month.