Principal: Firearm found in backpack of kindergartner at Boys Prep Bronx Elementary

A firearm was found in the backpack of a kindergartener at the Boys Prep Bronx Elementary school, according to the school's principal.
Police say the firearm inside the 6-year-old boy's backpack was loaded. 
In a letter addressed to Boys Prep parents, Principal Steve Paul says the weapon was unused and that no one was harmed.
The gun was found by a teacher, and school officials notified the NYPD. The firearm was confiscated by police.
"Our staff acted quickly today to ensure everyone’s safety and communicate with our families and the proper authorities," Public Prep said in a statement. "We are obviously shocked and saddened by this situation and are now focused on reviewing our procedures while also ensuring this student and his classmates have the support they need. We promptly notified law enforcement and will assist however we can with their investigation."