Privacy legislation takes step forward following Turn To Tara report on Amazon Key for Business delivery service

The fight to create a new state law in response to a Turn To Tara investigation on privacy concerns involving Amazon has taken a significant step forward.
The bill, sponsored by state Sen. Kevin Thomas, got the green light from the Consumer Protection Committee at the state Capitol.
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Thomas created the legislation after senior investigative reporter Tara Rosenblum exposed serious privacy and safety concerns with the Amazon Key for Business delivery system, which in some cases was installed without permission and granted drivers keyless access to apartment buildings.
Thomas previously explained why a law was needed to make that practice illegal.

"If someone were to walk into your house without your permission, that's a criminal act. Having them do this is criminal, and they should know better," says Thomas.
The bill now moves to the state Senate floor for a full vote.   
If you've experienced any problems with Amazon's delivery service, head to the features section and click on the Turn To Tara tab or click here.