Pro-life groups holds celebration in Trenton over Roe v. Wade decision

Pro-lifer groups are gathering across the country Saturday after the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.
Pro-life organizations held an event to celebrate the decision at the Trenton State House Annex.
The Supreme court overturned Roe v. Wade Friday, meaning there will no longer be a federal constitutional right to abortion. Going forward, abortion rights will now be determined by state. This decision doesn't make abortions illegal, but states can ban the procedure with several already on that track.
"We a celebrating but not gleefully, there is still a lot of work to be done to help pregnant women have real choices," said Kathy Vaccari, Democrats for Pro Life.
Activists who also attended the rally say now more than ever women and men have to work harder for the rights of conceived children in a post roe world.
"People are encouraged from other states to come here to have abortions here, its just an awful, awful law," added activist Joy Collins. "I'm here to pray and try and influence my local representatives."
Gov. Phil Murphy announced in New Jersey there will reproductive freedom where women will always have a choice over their own bodies and the right to make their own medical decisions.