Prospect Park Zoo strives to reopen following damage incurred from severe weather

Prospect Park Zoo has been closed since this past September, when parts of the zoo’s facilities were damaged by severe weather conditions.
Residents in the area have been passing by and taking a peek through the gates, curious of when the zoo will open its doors once again.
“It's a part of Brooklyn and I always bring my children to the museum and the zoo,” said grandparent Rose Chang. “They always want to come but, it's closed. I think it's a disservice to the neighborhood.
Craig Piper, vice president of City Zoos for Wildlife Conservation, says they are in the process of restoring damaged infrastructure, but there is no set reopening date. He adds that the focus of their current repairs is returning power to many essential areas of the zoo.
“I have been walking past it every day for months and I have been wondering when it is going to re-open. It would be really nice for the kids especially,” said Prospect Heights resident Jessica Masters.