Protesters call on Rep. Goldman to support permanent cease-fire in the Gaza Strip

Protesters marched to Goldman’s office with signs and banners calling for peace.

Shakti Denis

Dec 2, 2023, 6:49 PM

Updated 223 days ago


Families, including young children, from across the 10th Congressional District marched from Prospect Park to Rep. Dan Goldman's office on Saturday to send him a strong message that they condemn the onslaught of bombs that have killed civilians in the Gaza Strip.
The group plastered the congressman's office on Ninth Street in Park Slope with white paper doves to call for peace and a permanent cease-fire.
They're also against the U.S. providing weapons to Israel, and are calling for an end to the Israeli occupation in Gaza.
In a statement, Goldman's office said that he welcomes and appreciates the opinion of every new yorker and that "he will continue to listen and engage thoughtfully in order to accomplish our shared goal of returning the hostages, ending the hostilities, and creating a peaceful future for Israelis and Palestinians."
The group has also invited Rep. Goldman to a town hall they organized on Dec. 10 where they hope to share their concerns with him directly.
Israel started bombing Gaza after Hamas militants stormed into nearby Israeli towns, killing hundreds and taken hostages on Oct. 7.

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