Protesters urge DOT to expand pedestrian, bicycle access on Depot Place Bridge

Protesters gathered in the Bronx to demand the Department of Transportation to expand pedestrian and bicycle access leading to the waterfront on the Depot Place Bridge.
That rally started at the Highbridge section of the Bronx and ended along the Depot Place Bridge, near the southbound on-ramp to the Major Deegan Expressway.
Advocates say they are calling for changes that would make the area safer for pedestrians and bicyclists.
"There's just police cars parked on half of the bridge where we would like to have a bicycle and pedestrian separated path," says Chauncy Young, of Harlem River Working Group.
Community members say this road is the only southern access point to the Harlem River Greenway, Roberto Clemente State Park and Bridge Park.
However, the DOT is considering plans to remove one of the sidewalks to create more parking for police cars that already use the space.
"The problem is that the DOT plan will restrict access even more, so pedestrians and bicyclists face a choke point about getting to the waterfront," Young says.
Advocates instead want the DOT to consider an alternative plan they created, called the Harlem River Greenway Vision. They say this plan would be beneficial for bicyclists, pedestrians and the community on the whole.
"We need everyone to have access to the land that they live on," Young says.
The DOT told News 12 that it is aware of the concerns raised by the community and it is working with elected officials to look at other opportunities that would expand access of the road for all users.