Community asks for help in capturing suspect who stabbed three bodega workers

The stabbings took place at a convenient store on Avenue D in East Flatbush.

Julio Avila and Rob Taub

Jul 18, 2023, 10:04 PM

Updated 309 days ago


Residents in East Flatbush are asking for help to capture a suspect wanted in the stabbing of several bodega workers.
The incident happened at a store on Avenue D where police say three workers -- all of whom are brothers -- were attacked. Two were stabbed and another was hit with a baseball bat.
Security camera footage from Sunday shows the incident unfold inside. News 12 was told it started over money. The altercation then went outdoors, where the stabbing incident occurred.
"He went inside, took an item, wanted to pay whatever he felt he wanted to pay,” said worker Jose Ramirez.
"Until we can get the laws right, until the district attorneys and judges do the right thing, we are asking bodega owners to stand down,” added United Bodegas of America’s Fernando Mateo.
The United Bodegas of America is offering a $3,000 reward for the capture of the suspect who goes by the name of 50 cent.

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