Red Hook Library to undergo extensive renovation to bring back beauty destroyed by Sandy

The Red Hook Library is preparing for a makeover of a lifetime to bring beauty back into a place that was once destroyed by Superstorm Sandy.
The library took a hit over a decade ago, which left the community devastated.
"We had power, and this half of the community had lost power. So we became almost like a beacon, a place where people can come and charge their phones to speak to their loved ones, let them know that they're OK," said the library's circulation manager, Nurys Pimental.
A week later, the library was shut down for a five-month renovation in the aftermath of Sandy.
"This was the first time this library was closed for that long of a time. It was hard because this became a place, it's a safe haven. Libraries have always been a safe haven, so the community lost that on top of so many things," Pimental continued.
Now, Red Hook Library is preparing to close its doors again, this time for a two-year construction makeover to birth a new home in the community.
"They're excited. They can't wait to see what the new library is going to look like," Pimental said.
Red Hook Library will get a modern finish with brand new furniture and technology -- an improvement that all are welcoming.
"I remember how that felt when I came here and years later when I was working. The ladies that were still here from that time remembered me remembered, my name and I know how that felt, how good that felt," Pimental recalled -- a memory she said made a difference in her childhood.
The next time one steps inside the library, they can expect to see floor to ceiling windows, three community rooms, an outdoor space and a new place to call home.