Report: February was the deadliest on record for traffic deaths across the city

A new report by Transportation Alternatives says last month was the deadliest February on record for traffic deaths across the city. 
In 2021, the report says New York City saw over 560,000 red light camera violations, according to new data released Friday. It was a major contributing factor in making last year the deadliest on the streets since 2013. 
Danny Harris, the executive director at Transportation Alternatives, calls traffic violence an epidemic. 
"We're not talking about accidents, we're not talking about things that just drop from the sky, there's no shortage of data about where these crashes occur, about the tools that can help to solve them,” said Harris. 
The report found that this year, 42 people have been killed so far in traffic crashes, and last month was the deadliest February on record on the roads citywide.
Harris says this is unacceptable. 
"The goal is that every New Yorker no matter where they live can cross the street without fear of being killed or injured,” said Harris. 
Findings show that automated enforcement like red light cameras and reduced speed limits can help save lives. 
Transportation Alternatives is asking for home rules over traffic safety in the city. 
"Both the governor and the mayor have suggested that home rule is important to both of them and something that they want to pursue, now we look to both of them to make it happen,” said Harris. 
News 12 reached out to the Department of Transportation, and it referred News 12 to Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez’s statement in the report, which says in part, “The DOT has proven for years that it can run the largest, most effective automated enforcement program in the nation, and we deserve to determine how we keep New Yorkers safe on our streets.”
A spokesperson in the governor’s office tells News 12 that she will review the legislation if it passes both houses.