Rep. Malliotakis, who voted against vote certification, urged to support Trump’s removal

Demonstrators stood outside Rep. Nicole Malliotakis’ office Saturday to call on the new congresswoman to demand Vice President Mike Pence and the Cabinet to remove President Donald Trump from office.
The “25th Amendment Rally” was organized by the Bay Ridge Democrats after Malliotakis stood with other Republican members of the House of Representatives in voting against certifying Joe Biden’s election victory.
Malliotakis defended her decision, saying on Twitter: “I voted against certification of the two challenged states not to ‘overturn an election’ but to highlight the need for a proper hearing into unconstitutional rule changes, irregularities and alleged fraud.”
Other legislators changed their view on overturning election results after swarms of President Trump's supporters stormed the Capitol, delaying the certification of Biden’s win in the presidential election.
Malliotakis told News 12 earlier this week that she “refused to turn a blind eye.” She also told News 12 that she feels she upheld her constitutional oath that she recently took.
Some political analysts say Malliotakis’ victory in November was buoyed by President Trump’s “law and order” messaging. The city’s 11th District is considered its only swing district that covers parts of South Brooklyn and Staten Island.
Members of the Bay Ridge Democrats are hopeful that Malliotakis will have a change of heart and support the implementation of the 25th Amendment, which would try to remove President Trump from office days before his term ends.
Residents who came out to the rally tell News 12 the important decisions that Malliotakis makes in her first days will set the tone for her time in office.