Residents, elected officials debate planned upzoning project on Bruckner Boulevard in Throggs Neck

Bronx residents and elected officials gathered at the Bronx Supreme Court Tuesday to debate a proposed upzoning project on Bruckner Boulevard in Throggs Neck.
Community Board 10 voted weeks ago against the plan to create four multi-story developments that would include housing and business units.
On Tuesday, developers gave another presentation about the project with a few changes from the original proposal. One change made was that a facility planned for 65% senior housing would instead consist entirely of senior housing.
After these changes were proposed, there seemed to be more of a balance between residents who opposed and supported the plans than the last meeting.
Those in opposition expressed their concerns over what they say is a negative impact towards their way of life. They also raised questions on the infrastructure, increased asthma rates, roads, sewage and emergency response units not being able to handle increased density.
One man brought a stack of papers saying there were more than 10,000 signatures in opposition to the plan.
Those who spoke in favor say the development is needed as it would bring construction jobs, even though the speaker for the project says they would be temporary. Their claim is that there hasn't been a lot of development in that section of the Bronx, and with skyrocketing rents, it's needed.
The residents spoke in front of Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson, who also raised questions on the project.
State Sen. Michael Benedetto and City Councilwoman Marjorie Velasquez attended the meeting to express their opposition to the plan.
The hearing was paused in the evening and is expected to continue Wednesday at 5 p.m.