Residents: Melrose fire hydrant releasing water for days despite 311 calls

Melrose residents say an open fire hydrant has been releasing water for days in their neighborhood.
The hydrant is located on East 161 Street, near Boricua College and an NYPD precinct. The water has been flowing on the road and sidewalk, and then into the sewers.
The New York City Department of Environmental Conservation and FDNY told News 12 open hydrants are illegal. They encourage residents to call 311 to report them.
However, neighbor Wayne Forbes told News 12 he’s been calling 311 multiple times to report the issue, but nothing has been done.
"Gallons and gallons of water is just being wasted and, like I said, going down the drain,” he said.
One of the countless reports he says he made comes up as resolved despite the hydrant still being open.
He even tried to taking matters into his own hands.
"I tried to turn it off myself. I have a Channellock, a tool, I tried turning it off, it was useless,” he described.
The City Department of Environmental Protection says open hydrants can reduce the water pressure which can make it difficult for firefighters who may be fighting fire nearby.
In a statement to News 12, the department said "Fully open fire hydrants are illegal. These should be reported to 311 immediately so a DEP crew can be dispatched to close it. "