Rhinebeck company donates prosthetics to Ukrainians injured in war

A Dutchess County company is helping to supply prosthetic limbs to Ukrainians who were injured during the Russian invasion. 
Unlimited Tomorrow, of Rhinebeck, is teaming up with Singularity Group, a California organization, to get bionic arms to the war-torn country. 
“Their lives have been destroyed completely in this war, and they just need help and are looking for help. So, that's where we can come in,” says Jennifer Barbic, of Unlimited Tomorrow.   
The company started their goal of sending 100 devices overseas. 
“We sent a scanner to an emergency hospital in Ukraine, and the doctor was trained in a couple minutes. Two minutes later, we had the scans here of the arm, the limb difference and we've already shipped our sockets within about a week,” says Steven Van Fleet, of Unlimited Tomorrow.
One person the company is helping is Sasha, a young girl whose father was killed and as they fled an area of Kyiv. She is set to be in Dutchess County for a special fitting after she lost an arm.
“There are so many kids over there in the same situation. So, our goal is to help all of them," says Van Fleet. 
Unlimited Tomorrow and Singularity Group are asking help to raise $1 million on their GoFundMe.